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95% of human resource leaders say that employee burnout is sabotaging their workforce (study conducted by The Workforce Institute @Kronos). Key factors driving burnout are: poor management (30%), employees seeing no clear connection between their role and corporate strategy (29%) and a negative workplace culture (26%). Additionally, employees are most likey to leave their company if they don't feel valued (60%).

"Low engagement costs UK businesses £60 billion a year."

Employees who are engaged, passionate and committed need something more; they need to find greater meaning at work. To do this requires a different kind of talent investment - one that acknowledges and develops the “whole person”.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is now considered to be more important than intelligence (IQ) in determining success and happiness in life and career. The good news.... EQ is measurable and it can be developed.

High performance organisations attribute emotional intelligence impact to as much as 45% of leadership success (Research studies: TheEQEdge by Steven J Stein (PHd)  and Howard E. Book (MD)


Our Map to Success

In positive psychology, FLOW, also known as the zone, is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement and enjoyment in the process of the activity. 

At halcyon we believe that great leadership is within the grasp of every person, but reaching and maintaining an optimal and balanced mental state often needs external support. That's why we've developed halcyon EQFLOW a coaching model, that optimises leadership performance with a core focus on EQ.

Fear-free organisations: we believe fear kills performance, we coach to enable information to flow unimpeded, relationships become trust based and energy is freed to focus on organisational goals, not survival.

Line of one clarity: we help leaders to recognise and communicate clarity of purpose, shared values and passion for what they do every day. We believe this is the corner stone of culture and is an enormously powerful way to drive engagement and commitment.

Owning behaviour: our coaching approach brings insights from neuroscience, unlocking new ways of thinking and helping our clients better understand barriers to individual, team and organisational change. Central to this is understanding how to execute a coaching style of leadership. A shift away from directing toward enabling.

Well-being: for today's time pressured leaders harnessing emotional intelligence skills is central to striking that elusive work-life balance. From setting boundaries and indulging passions to leaning into optimism and making meditation and exercise a priority. The ability to keep work in perspective is key to achieving happiness in life.


Our Services

We coach and develop emerging leaders, high-potentials and individual contributors (project leaders). We address both the professional and the personal, helping our clients to build EQ muscle and self-awareness, that extends well beyond the workplace. We believe this means happier employees and better performing teams.

halcyon uses data from EQ assessments to give clients critical insights into workforce development and measurable results across 15 key leadership dimensions, including well-being.

- Individual coaching

- Team coaching

- Measuring emotional intelligence (EQ-i 2.0)

- Performance development, including character strengths & 360 degree feedback  using Tilt365

- Specialist coaching, such as: voice coaching and conflict coaching

- Coaching supervision & coaching circles

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